About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

At Sani Global Resources, we seek partnerships where our resources and skills are used in an innovative way to build long-term value. We get actively involved in all key business issues and support competent management teams through our resources and extensive business network. We engage and assist in business planning, capital formation, capital budgeting, merger and acquisitions, and in the execution of adopted strategies.

Sani Global Resources’ exceptional deal flow and international investment focus in emerging markets primarily the Sub-Saharan African region has proved to be a successful combination. With the vast financial and intellectual resources available to Sani Global Resources, complemented by strategic partnerships, the company continuously delivers for the benefit of all stakeholders. As the company evolves into a leading investment holding company, its main aim is to establish strategic synergies for maximum return on all investments.


Sani Global Resources has a broad footprint in the health care and pharmaceutical marRet, servicing the public and private sector across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our tailor made health care solutions ensure cost ef- fective good quality products and services. Leveraging from professional industry intelligence and networR management our mission statement to be the leading healthcare networR in Africa is in progress


Sani Global Resources maintains a number of strategic partnerships that give us access into new marRets and enable us to continually expand our service offering. Our combined expertise in logistics management for major mining, energy and infrastructure projects allows us to provide an integrated solution to any chal- lenges that may arise.


As a result of our extensive business networR we are in a strong position to source, supply and finance various factors of production at competitive prices, to a high specification with low lead times. Our product portfolio includes but is not limited to hard commodities, soft commodities, industrial equipment, strategic land acquisition and specialist personnel recruitment

Financial Services

Financial services play a critical role in our business portfolio. Across varied sectors our financial team provide the capital and expertise to empower transactions and maintain a sensible risR profile across the platform. Our service offering covers advisory services, debt and equity capital raising, specialist deal struc- turing and a full complement of investment banRing services


Strategic Investment

Sani Global Resources seeks synergistic investment opportunities from platforms that have the ability to attract capital and the ability to service new markets.

Our Core Values

The core values of that shape our mission, approach, and behavior in our industry.